Wyoming Valley Counselor Disturbed by School Shooter Mod

The Times Leader reports on a drug and alcohol counselor who is agitated over the Half-Life 2 mod, School Shooter: North American Tour 2012. The CEO of Wyoming Valley Alcohol and Drug Services wants parents, teachers, school administrators to be aware of its existence and the possibility that it might be "available soon."

Showing that he doesn’t understand the concept of a mod or that it is being developed online and to be given away for free, Ambrosino said he has warned the superintendents of area schools, federal and state legislators, as well as major retailers such as Kmart, Walmart and Target about the game.

I’m sure they will be delighted to know that a modification they don’t actually sell will be released soon. He also issued a notice at the request of the state Bureau of Drug and Alcohol Programs, urging treatment and prevention professionals to take a formal stand against the "game’s release."

“We feel this is a serious threat to the health and safety of students and campuses,” Ambrosino said. “Acts of violence and suicide are linked to alcohol and substance use… BDAP advocates for stronger prevention policies, and this would include supporting efforts to prevent this harmful and dangerous video game from being released.”

If it’s such a serious threat then why can’t Ambrosino do a little research on what the hell he’s talking about? Well at least The Times Leader understands that it’s a Half-Life 2 modification.

While Ambrosino concedes that a modification like this one may not be all the dangerous in young people’s hands, he insists that, in the hands of an at-risk teen, it could prove to have "adverse effects."

While research indicates a game such as School Shooter may not be dangerous in and of itself, Ambrosino said, in the hands of an at-risk teen, it could have adverse effects. Ambrosino added that his organization has never spoken out about violence in video games before, but that the game’s content "seems to be so far outside the boundaries of what is decent and acceptable," that he had to speak up.

Source: Times Leader, image credit: Times Leader

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