Report: Australian Man First PSN Victim of Credit Card Fraud

According to an ABC News report, an Adelaide, Australia man is the first official victim of credit card fraud related to Sony’s PlayStation Network security breach. Another report on PS3 hacking site PSX-Scene also alleges that some underground web sites that sell credit card information are trying to sell around 2.2 million credit cards from Europe – which includes user information, credit card numbers, CV numbers and expiration dates. The latter is anecdotal at the moment and has not been confirmed by law enforcement or Sony.

Adelaide man Rory Spreckley checked his banking details on Wednesday and got a shock: $2000 in new charges on his credit card. Spreckley noted a number of $1 transactions on the 23rd – usually a test for hackers to see if the card is a viable source for fraud. Following those transactions, Spreckley saw "including domestic flights within Australia, bookings at Best Westerns [hotels] and what not."

"I logged into my bank account just to check everything was OK and I found out there was some just over $2,000 in charges which I didn’t personally accrue," he told ABC News.

Perhaps Spreckley is the victim of fraud unrelated to the security breach through the PlayStation Network; admittedly, there’s no proof to prove otherwise. The timing of the fraud is the only indicator that it might be related. Australia’s Privacy Commissioner has begun an investigation to make sure Sony has "done everything it can" to keep its customers safe.

On a related note, PSX-Scene is reporting that user data and credit card information from some 2.2 million European PSN users is being sold at underground web sites. Another rumor is that hackers tried to sell the information back to Sony for an undetermined amount of money. This is simply "word on the street" talk about the stolen PSN database and has not been confirmed. Still, PSX-Scene has a pretty good track record when it comes to Sony legal and security problems in the past.

We will continue to follow this story as it develops.

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