Bethesda Tells Fallout: New Vegas Owners to Ignore New Update

Users that made the unfortunate decision to download the latest Fallout: New Vegas update found out the hard way that it makes Obsidian and Bethesda’s action-RPG unplayable. Now Bethesda is telling the community that it is working hard on a fix and urging those that have not downloaded already to avoid it. According to a post on the Bethesda’s official blog, Obsidian has figured out what caused the problem and plans to put out a new patch soon. From the blog:

"Regarding the Xbox 360 update, we’ve discovered a solution to the issue that’s causing problems with game saves," reads the blog post. "We’ll be hosting a replacement update on Xbox Live as soon as humanly possible.

"If you haven’t grabbed the New Vegas update on 360 today, we recommend you decline the update until the new one is live. We’ll be sure to let you know when it’s up."

Bethesda’s advice is sound, though it always sucks as a developer when you have to go hat-in-hand and explain your blunders. Still, Bethesda gets points for being both honest and forthcoming with its community.

Source: The Escapist

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    Cerabret100 says:

    I don’t think it’s the specific situation that cause people to act like this, so much as the track record obsidian and Bethesda have.

    and when it comes to bugs…well it’s not a very good record. 

  2. 0
    Allan Weallans says:

    Fixes creating more bugs is and has always been the way of software development everywhere. I don’t get why people are acting like this is some weird idea that only Obsidian could manage.

    And fixing the problems this caused on the same day is rather good, as these things go.

  3. 0
    Algus says:

    I love Obsidian but their games are broken.  It’s almost a beautiful irony that they can’t even do a patch right. 


    Dear Obsidian pls hire better QA folks and bug fixers

  4. 0
    Cerabret100 says:

    I’d like to say I was surprised, but this is a Bethesda game so…yeah.

    I’m gonna go ahead and assume since they only specifically mentiont the 360, that the PC version (which i have) is unaffected, though now that i’ve said that, the second i launch it, it’ll cause my PC to spontaneously combust. 

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    Arcanagos says:

    At least they admitted that they made a mistake rather than the whole "it must be something on your end" bs that a lot of companies love to do nowadays.

    Still, how in God’s name did this make it past testing?

    "Go ahead and hate your neighbor, go ahead and cheat a friend. Do it in the name of Heaven, Jack Thompson’ll justify it in the end." – nightwng2000

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    HarmlessBunny says:

    Yeesh patches FIX STUFF, not break it further. At least that is what is suppose to happen!

    However yeah points for them fessin’ up early and being honest.


    James Fletcher, member of ECA Canada

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