AT&T Begins Capping Broadband Users Today

Today AT&T begins controlling how much broadband users consume with a new cap. The new cap limits users to 150 GB for DSL and 250 Gigabytes for its UVerse service. This could prove to be a challenge to AT&T subscribers that want to use services such as Netflix and Hulu due to the massive amounts of data being transferred during streaming. AT&T joins Comcast and some smaller ISPs in limiting the amount of broadband users consume – and the penalty for going over is additional charges.

AT&T will charge an additional $10 per month for going over the cap. That charge is not a onetime thing either: users will be charged $10 for every 50GB of additional data over the cap. If you have children or additional internet users in your care, the new capping scheme could prove to be an expensive challenge.

Net Neutrality rules that had some teeth in them could have stopped this from ever happening but the FCC’s proposals lost their teeth somewhere in between the process of seeking approval from telecoms and being approved.

Source: Ars Technica

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  1. Mr.Tastix says:

    Most of New Zealand would kill for a 150 GB cap, let alone a 250 GB cap.

    The highest I’ve seen is 50 GB, average is roughly 10 GB. This is for roughly $40-60/mo (the average).

    — Randi Tastix

  2. Grif says:

    Meh, I’m still voting for Trump next year. We need this raggedy-ass economy fixed, and he’s the best man for the job, in my opinion. I’m willing to bet that he could do something about the unemployment thing, too.


    "Power means nothing without honor and pride." My video game review site.

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  3. Grif says:

    So we’re back at my original point. Obama sucks as President.

    …I don’t see this going anywhere else, so I’m just gonna leave it at that. That seems to be the point no matter what people say.


    "Power means nothing without honor and pride." My video game review site.

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  4. DorthLous says:

    I am not saying anything about Obama nor about Ossama. But, it would appear that the picture at the very least was not only fake, but a fake predating the supposedly event. That doesn’t mean the man is still alive, I mean, for all we know he died of his sickness 6 months ago, but, that does mean that someone seems intent on making people believe he got shot ( and I’m not so certain it’s someone in the American administration since the news did not originate from there. )

  5. Grif says:

    So, what you’re saying is Osama is still alive.

    That means Obama sucks even more as a President than I thought.

    My point stands.


    "Power means nothing without honor and pride." My video game review site.

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  6. Neeneko says:

    That is why I tend to describe the US as having a very weak government… elected officials know that too much regulation results in money and memes flowing into their opponent’s pockets. Industries pretty much write their own regulation then give of mock indignation when it is implemented.

  7. hellfire7885 says:

    That’s because you don’t fucking seek approval from the telecoms. You tell them "This is how it’s going ot be from now on and that’s that", but nooo, in the good ol USA corporations are a defacto government.

  8. Erik says:

    I’m not really impressed with Obama as a president, but I’m still glad I voted for him.  If they had put a potted plant against McCain/Palin then I would have voted the flora party.  Seal Team Six MIGHT have handed Obama the next election, but the utter travesty of the Bush administration handed Obama the first election.

    But the biggest failure of Obama’s administration is that we still are not out of Iraq.  Though we never should have been there in the first place.

    -Ultimately what will do in mankind is a person’s fear of their own freedom-

  9. F__ked up says:

    Exactly, Dictator Obama said he would bring hope and change with promisies to America. Why cant the dictator full fill all of his promises. He acts like he is restricted by a Constitution, with Checks and Balances placed in the Governmen, in a freaky stupid democracy. He Dictator Obama he can do what ever he wants.

  10. Dark_Mellow says:

    First of all he closed Guantanamo Bay but was blocked, No one wanted to take them in, So he was forced to reopen it.

    Net Neutrality was blocked by mostly the same people plus the companies.

    When did he say he was god over bin landen? Or even act like it? Thanks for using his death to attack the president.

    Learn your facts before you comment.

  11. Grif says:

    No shutting down Guantanamo Bay, no Net Neutrality… Good job on keeping up with your campaign promises, Obama. SEAL Team Six gives him Bin Laden and now he thinks he’s God.

    He has a birth certificate and a dead terrorist. Congratulations, Barry, you’re now on par with Jeff Dunham.


    "Power means nothing without honor and pride." My video game review site.

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  12. SpiralGray says:

    I think it’s freakin’ hilarious that every time I comment in a forum that capitalism and free market aren’t all they’ve cracked up to be I’m told I’m a communist and I should leave and go to Russia. Then, when the greed of corporations bites those same people in the ass suddenly the government should do something.

    That’s what you get for worshipping the almighty dollar. You’ve all made your bed and now you don’t want to lay in it. 

  13. Neeneko says:

    800$/mo, probably not unless one has other needs (like SOHO or wanting to run a server),.. though I have seen them runing for as little s 200$/mo which is not too bad of a price for the extra stability (and ability to run small servers).

  14. Neeneko says:

    While the tech is not all that new, I think it is that SLA that makes them differnt enough to be a good place to flee.

  15. Grif says:

    Honestly? The "grief" thing again? What does my name have to do with anything, anyway? If you haven’t noticed, most of what I say is intended to be humor.

    Again. Get a sense of it.


    "Power means nothing without honor and pride." My video game review site.

    Atlanta Video Games Examiner for

  16. Craig R. says:

    That’s rich, somebody with the name of Grief, err, Grif trying to tell others about humor.

  17. Grif says:

    Yup, so much for the "Change we can believe in".

    Coincidentally, Obama plans to cut the budget for the same military that pretty much just handed him the 2012 election. Irony at its finest.


    "Power means nothing without honor and pride." My video game review site.

    Atlanta Video Games Examiner for

  18. Grif says:

    First off, get a sense of humor.

    Second off, there are dozens of other things I could attack the president for, mostly involving his cowardice and incompetence, even without using the whole bin Laden thing.

    I’m willing to bet $100 that he thinks he’s got re-election in the bag because he got lucky and the military found Osama.

    Speaking of learning your facts, can you count how many of his campaign promises he’s been able to keep? 

    I have nothing personally against Obama, I just think he sucks as President of the United States.


    "Power means nothing without honor and pride." My video game review site.

    Atlanta Video Games Examiner for

  19. Neeneko says:

    Well no, it is horrible policy from a government perspective… but from an individual ‘I will retire or go through the revolving door to lobbying/thinktank/etc before this is a problem’ perspective it is money in the bank.

  20. Craig R. says:

    ‘Cept for the fact that a generation later we then turn around and have to throw said dictators out on their ass.

    So, no, it’s not good policy at all.

    Nor is having a handful of very large and very powerful companies calling all the shots.

  21. Neeneko says:

    I think some people, esp policy makers, do think about this kind of stuff.

    A small number of large companies are easier to regulate, negotiate, and generally interact with then hoards of smaller companies.  Competition is good for consumers, but it is bad for the other players including the government.  I doubt our congressmen have any disillusion that deregulation will provide a more diverse and healthier marketplace.. but it will produce a higher GDP and fewer seats at the negotiating table, which makes their jobs easier.

    It is similar to why US forging policy spent decades installing dictators in various countries rather then allowing them to develop democratic systems… a dictator (or cabal) are easier to deal with then the heard of cats that you get in a representative or democratic government…. again, not good for the people, but nation builders tend to think in terms of what makes their lives easier, not other people’s.

  22. Sabrel says:

    As much as I hate on our government for not doing proper Net Neutrality, this actually has nothing to do w/Net Neutrality as strictly defined. The point of NN is treating all bits equally, not having unlimited bits. As long as the ISPs are capping everything at the same level w/no exceptions, then there is no violation of NN. Equally capped is still equal.

    Now if they start giving passes where traffic to "favored" sites and applications doesn’t count against your monthly cap, then you run into an NN violation. Of course, that is almost certainly where they are going with this…

  23. ecco6t9 says:

    Sad thing is this is how our freedom starts slowly dying.  We are not really free if we have only 2 choices for everything and when all 3rd and 4th opitions are mocked.

    Yeah that applies to the telecom giants and even our political system.

  24. MaskedPixelante says:

    Yeah, that whole free market thing exists. You should vote with your wallet, and switch to a different provider that doesn’t do that! Oh wait, EVERY provider does that…

    Sometimes, the free market SHOULDN’T decide…

    —You are likely to be eaten by a Grue.

  25. Neeneko says:

    I guess the big question is, will they also be offering uncapped servies outside buisness accounts?

    Sometimes I miss the days when DSL had mandatory competition… being able to go to dozens of potential sources might have been less profitable to the telecoms, but it resulted in MUCH better customer options.

    But then again, the GoP seems to hate customers, and that whole free market thing just gets in the way of profits….

  26. sqlrob says:

    A T1 line? You’re kidding, right?

    My download is more than 10 T1 and my upload is 1/2 T1. People think T1 and think magic, it’s not. It’s only 1.56 Mb. And it costs a lot because it’s a dedicated line that comes with an SLA.



  27. Vake Xeacons says:

    My dad still uses AT&T. I told him about the cap earlier, so he called AT&T and they talked him into staying.

    Repeated charges will (hopefully) change his mind…maybe a T1 line…

  28. Falcon4196 says:

    It certainly sucks but 150 GB and 250 GB are a lot. I’ve got Comcast (unfortunetly my only choice) and the highest I’ve ever seen my total go to is 79 GB and that was in a month of heavy MMO playing and falling asleep almost every night to something I was streaming over Netflix.  I wish there was somthing we could do as consumers to stop something like this but so long as the government refuses to take things such as Net Nutrality and consumer’s seriously we’re stuck.  AT&T users everywhere should go and check how much they use each month.  If you’re going over then its time to make some tough decisions.

  29. hellfire7885 says:

    Hmm ,that could actually somewhat work in a weird way, i nthat game publishing platforms like Steam, PSN, or XBLA would be effected as peopel being looking ot Amazon or just doing without, meaning that those companies would have an interest in seeing these rules amended so that the telecoms can’t get away with this shit.

  30. josh111888 says:

    As bad as the idea of downloading digital copies of games with a physical option was, it just got worse. 

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