Flashcard Maker Beats Latest DSi Update

The latest update for Nintendo’s DSi hand-held was supposed to stop the use of flashcards, but no less than a day after its release a workaround is already out in the wild. How frustrating for Nintendo.. Nintendo released the 1.4.2. update earlier this week hoping to block the use of flashcards made by companies such as R4iDSN. But seeing its products blocked, R4iDSN has already (allegedly) created a workaround – much to the chagrin of Nintendo.

The flashcard maker promises an update later this week. Expect Nintendo to release another update to once again block the use of these cards. In their eyes, flashcards are simply a way for DSi owners to play illegal software. To the homebrew community, the Nintendo update feels like a thumb in the eye. If all else fails, Nintendo will probably turn to the courts to apply some extra pressure on companies such as R4iDSN.

We will continue to follow this story as it develops.

Source: The Escapist

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