Security Expert: PSN Relaunch Should Have Had Government Approval

In an article in The Australian Queensland University of Technology professor Bill Caelli says that Sony should keep the PlayStation Network and other services that were compromised by hackers in April offline until governments around the world are satisfied that the company has put enough security in place to protect customers.

Caelli, who the publication calls a "security expert," thinks the Japanese government has the right idea in putting Sony’s services on hold while it verifies the strength and depth of new security measures.

"Why is it that in the IT industry enterprises certify themselves?" he said, adding that the general public has "no way of assessing the assurances given by the owners of the system themselves."

Of course, it is too late to unring that bell; over the weekend Sony relaunched most of its PlayStation Network and other PS3 related services in North America and Europe.

Source: C&VG

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