UK Labour MP Keith Vaz Continues Anti-Game Agenda

An Early Day Motion tabled by UK Labour MP Keith Vaz, an outspoken critic of video games, has managed to garner 11 signatures. The Early Day Motion calls for better control of video game sales to customers under the age of 18, and encourages parents to limit the screen time of children. Eight signatures are from Labour MPs, with one from the Liberal Democrats, one from the Conservatives and another from the DUP. The petition was tabled last Friday, May 13th.

Develop points out that these signatories have basically agreed that video games are addictive, and that game playing should be combined with a variety of extra-curricular activities (preferably outdoors) to ensure that "children flourish." The motion also highlights the "Hungarian EU Presidency priority of protecting minors from harmful audiovisual media content in media legislation.”

Source: Develop

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    Rodrigo Ybáñez García says:

    "but they always say it is okay or because their friends have it…"

    I´ve never understanded that logic, if you can name it like that. I really don´t care if a 8 years old is playing Mortal Kombat, but parents at least should think on a better reason than the one listed above.

    And Keith Vaz is still idiot.

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    Adamas Draconis says:

     You told them what your supposed to. If they wanna continue to do it, you can’t stop them. Not without being like JT or this a$$hole.


    Hunting the shadows of the troubled dreams.

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    Elomin Sha says:

    I work in the games retail industry in the UK and the problem is the parents. I always mention that games aren’t suitable, we all do, but they always say it is okay or because their friends have it. I once went a week going into detail of how bad some games were and my boss told me to stop going to far.

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    edmoss87 says:

    It is kinda misleading, my guess is that the picture is Ed Vaizey’s reaction to the motion: "Saaay Whaaaat!?" (spoken in public school dialect)

    Plus, it’s a bit more photogenic than the picture of Vaz from the Develop article, it makes him look a bit like a toe.

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    beemoh says:

    >better control of video game sales to customers under the age of 18

    It’s already illegal, what more does he want? "Double Illegal" isn’t a thing, Vaz!


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