Supreme Court Predictions

Entertainment Consumer Association president Hal Halpin offers his personal (note: not ours) opinion on the timing of the Brown v EMA (formerly Schwarzenegger v EMA) Supreme Court decision over at IGN. There has been much speculation that a decision will be released this week, and Halpin has his own predictions about it:

"Despite law maker Leland Yee’s prognostications, no one really knows when we’ll get the answer, but my money is on this Thursday.

The case is a landmark in that it could define what types of media are classified as protected free speech and protected by the First Amendment. If games are excluded, as the State of California seeks, the repercussions would be significant: likely changing the way that games are sold, so that they’re regulated more like alcohol, tobacco or firearms. We’ve already been promised that at least two states, Michigan and Illinois, would re-start their efforts to legislate gaming and criminalize the sale and purchase of violent video games."

He goes on to give praise to EMA attorney Paul Smith, and talks about the ECA’s amicus brief. Read the whole thing at IGN

Speaking of Leland Yee, the California State Senator who helped draft the bill: his camp was convinced a decision would be revealed this morning and had planned a press conference for 10:30 AM EST. Of course no decision came this morning.. 

[GamePolitics is an ECA publication.]

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