President Obama: ‘Turn off the Video games, Read a Book’

During his Father’s Day national address yesterday, United States President Barack Obama encouraged parents to tell their kids to "turn off the video games and pick up a book." The President also talked about growing up without a father and why having a father figure in a child’s life is important.

"We know that every father has a personal responsibility to do right by their kids – to encourage them to turn off the video games and pick up a book; to teach them the difference between right and wrong; to show them through our own example the value in treating one another as we wish to be treated. And most of all, to play an active and engaged role in their lives," he said.

"But all of us have a stake in forging stronger bonds between fathers and their children. All of us can support those who are willing to step up and be father figures to those children growing up without a dad. And that’s what the Year of Strong Fathers, Strong Families is all about."

This is a theme that Obama hits on once in awhile; in 2009 he encouraged parents to "to turn off the video games" and get their children outside to play, and in 2008 during the presidential campaign he said that parents need to avoid letting media like video games and television "raise their children."

To be fair, everything – including video games – should be done in moderation, so it’s hard to take offense to what the president says about playing games.

Source: C&VG

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