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Moral Kombat
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The Daily Show with Jon Stewart takes a few jabs at the Supreme Court’s ruling on Brown v. EMA. At first glance it seems like Stewart goes hard after videogames, using several admittedly gratuitous video clips from the new Mortal Kombat game. As the first scene unfolds on the monitor Stewart feigns holding back on vomiting and screams, during the second scene he makes a joke about the female character having a wardrobe malfunction. In between he throws a joke in about Super Mario Boners (a Photoshop of a Super Mario Galaxy cover with a huge fleshy erection).

Stewart’s point is one that many are making this week; that sex is even taboo at the Supreme Court and that sexual imagery continues not to be treated on the same footing as depictions of gratuitous violence.

Point taken and noted.

But the most interesting part of that episode is the beginning of an interview with the Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol. In case you don’t know him, besides his day job at the conservative publication, Kristol is a regular guest of Fox News Sunday and other daily Fox news programs. We don’t want to put any words in Krisol’s mouth or paraphrase what he says so we encourage you to watch the clip with him in it here.

Unfortunately banning violent videogames is not an issue that can be decided across party lines; both Republicans and Democrats would like to see some sort of government regulations on the sale of videogames across the board. The other thing that they have in common is that they have absolutely no idea how the ESRB works and how retailers enforce it to insure that "Mature" rated games don’t ever get in the hands age groups they aren’t meant for.

The only ones with a consistent view on First Amendment rights these days are libertarians. That’s the truth whether we like it or not.

Anyway you can check out the clip entitled "Moral Kombat" to your left. Note to the Daily Show: The title of the segment has already been taken by a certain documentary about videogames. Look it up.

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