Dead or Alive: Dimensions Re-Classified in New Zealand

The Nintendo 3DS game Dead or Alive: Dimensions has had its rating changed in New Zealand from a "PG" rating to "M" by New Zealand’s chief censor Andrew Jack. Jack decided to re-classify the game last month after the Waikato Times newspaper alerted his office to its content. He subsequently issued an order that copies must carry an "M" label and a note indicating it contains violence and nudity.

Jack said the game had not passed through his office because the law does not require films and games already classified in the UK or Australia with an equivalent rating of G, PG or M to be reclassified in New Zealand.

The game was temporarily banned in Australia before receiving a higher rating. 

An M rating in New Zealand does not restrict sales to minors because it is an "only an advisory," according to Stuff.

The controversy over the game has to do with a mode (figure mode) that allows you to view models of characters. This mode allows you to rotate the camera to look at the models from various angles. Users can look down shirts, up skirts and from other angles revealing some of the model’s naughty spots.

Of course teens can see much more scandalous views just by watching MTV, but that sentiment is lost on government censors.

Source: Thanks to Cheater87 for the tip.


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