Survey: Campaign Mode Gets Little Love from Gamers

A new survey by video game price comparison and marketplace Playr2 reveals that the average consumer doesn't spend all that much time playing a new game's campaign mode (or single player) before their interest wanes. The short answer to that question is the time spent on the campaign mode is usually just a handful of days, according to a survey of 1,671 users. Breaking that question down among the most popular titles, the answers become even more surprising:

– Call of Duty: Black Ops – 2 days
– Terminator Salvation – 2.5 days
– Resident Evil 5 – 3.2 days
– God of War 2 – 3.3 days
– Uncharted 2 – 3.8 days
– Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands – 4.1 days
– Assassin's Creed II – 5 days
– Uncharted – 6.6 days
– Metal Gear Solid 3 – 6.8 days
– Grand Theft Auto IV – 8.2 days

This question did not include downloadable content or online modes.

Playr2 founder Simon Kilby said that the survey results are not surprising:

"Games can be incredibly addictive once you start playing them," Kilby said. "Given the huge amount of hype that surrounded Call of Duty: Black Ops' release last year, it wasn't surprising to see it at the top of the fastest completion chart, as many would have played this until completion as soon as they'd unboxed it."

Of course how much time is spent on single player has a lot to do with what kind of game we're talking about. A game that offers a heavy and deep multiplayer component like Call of Duty Black Ops will obviously see more action on that side of the equation.

Source: Joystick Division

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