Dragon Age II Disappears From Steam, EA Blames Valve

Dragon Age II is the latest game from Electronic Arts to mysteriously disappear from Steam, but the publisher of the game is pointing a long finger back at Valve Software. The game has been removed from Valve’s digital distribution platform on the eve of the launch of the new downloadable content, Legacy, to boot.

Electronic Arts is blaming Steam owner Valve for the disappearance – or more precisely, a new Steam policy:

"At EA, we offer our games and content to all major download services including GameStop, Amazon, Direct2Drive and Steam," Electronic Arts SVP of Global E-Commerce David DeMartini told IGN. "Unfortunately, Steam has adopted a set of restrictive terms of service which limit how developers interact with customers to sell downloadable content. No other download service has adopted this practice. Consequently some of our games have been removed by Steam."

"We hope to work out an agreement to keep our games on Steam," he added.

You may recall that Crysis 2 was also pulled from Steam after downloadable content was released for the game on other digital distribution platforms last month. EA claimed at the time that it was due to a distribution deal for the DLC that violated Valve's agreement. EA has been quietly battling Steam since the launch of its own digital distribution platform Origin. While the company continues to say that it will support any and all platforms to get its game into the hands of gamers, it sure seems like Steam is starting to become an option that is no longer viable in EA's eyes.

Valve Software has not publicly commented on this story.

Source: IGN

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