Deus Ex: Human Revolution Slightly Censored for Japan

If you happen to live in Japan, you may or may not notice (you will now because we're telling you about it right here, so "you're welcomed") that the Japanese retail version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution has undergone two edits to protect audiences from "body organs and sexual objects."

The first edit is an omission of a cutscene in the game that shows a character with their "organs exposed." The second edit involves an unknown "sexual object” removed from one of the game's maps. Deus Ex: Human Revolution will arrive in Japan with a CERO Z rating, the equivalent to an "adults only" rating here and elsewhere.

Both of these cuts were made because display of this kind of material is strictly prohibited in Japan.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution releases September 8 in Japan, roughly two weeks after its launch North American launch.

Source: Siliconera – thanks to Cheater87 for the tip.

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    DorthLous says:

    You do realize that they made video with real person and fake tentacles, right? Not one, many. And videos with people outside. And plenty others. By the way. Hentai -> pervert. Hentai porn is a thing. Hentai anime or hentai manga are others. Being an hentai is also something.

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    DorthLous says:

    Boring? Really? Personally I've found it to be incredibly imaginative, from using tentacles to go around the issue of displaying a penis to simply bashing open nearly every possible taboo to compensate for the censoring. But let's not get facts in our debate, it would be boring…

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    Kincyr says:

    you're thinking of American porn. it all follows the same template of closeups and techniques. since those depictions are censored in Japan, they've turned to more creative outlets, many of them surprisingly on the comedic side. for the sake of keeping things work-safe I'll end the discussion here.

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    TK n Happy Ness says:

    "Both of these cuts were made because display of this kind of material is strictly prohibited in Japan."

    And now you know why Japanese porn = Boring. Porn is not meant to be censored.

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