GameStop Deprives Customers of Free OnLive Deus Ex: Human Revolution Coupons

Yesterday it was revealed that cloud-gaming service OnLive and Square Enix had teamed up for a special promotion that would give consumers that bought a retail copy of Deus Ex: Human Revolution for PC a free OnLive version of the game. Well, apparently retailer GameStop was not interested in participating in the promotion. The retailer took steps to make sure its customers did not get an OnLive version of the game – and they did it without telling them.

GameSpy offers a report saying that a number of GameStop customers contacted them outraged at what the retailer had done. From the GameSpy article:

"We received reports from a handful of GameStop customers claiming that their new PC boxed copies of DXHR were opened and the OnLive codes were missing. We also received evidence from an anonymous tipster suggesting that it was GameStop management that made the decision to physically remove the OnLive codes from its PC copies of the game."

A photo of an internal memo shows that (allegedly) GameStop management instructed its employees to remove the OnLive codes. It reads, in part:

"Please immediately remove and Discard the OnLive coupon from all regular PC versions of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Our desire is to not have this coupon go to any customers after this announcement."

GameStop public relations representative Beth Sharum commented on the story to GameSpy in an email, confirming that GameStop was in fact removing the coupons:

"Square Enix packed the competitor's coupon with our DXHR product without our prior knowledge and we did pull and discard these coupons," Sharum said.

OnLive had no comment on the story, but did says they were aware of it.

Thanks to Andrew Eisen for the tip.

Source: GameSpy

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