Boy Finds Dirty Drawing in Used Wii Game

Traci Turner bought her 6-year-old son a used copy of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games so he and all his little friends could entertain themselves during a playdate.  Needless to say, she was a little shocked when he showed her the naughty images he’d found drawn on the inside of the game’s case.

“They were extremely inappropriate. It was very sexual in nature and I was not prepared to answer the questions of what was going on in the picture,” said Turner.

After explaining what happened to the parents of all her son’s friends (“Mommy!  Guess what I saw at JT’s house!”), Turner called the Cumming, GA GameStop she’d purchased the used title from to let them know what her son had found.  She says the employee she spoke to simply thanked her for the info and hung up.  She reported a similar reaction from GameStop’s corporate office as well.

“It was kind of shocking because I expected them to have more of a reaction like I did. Like, ‘Oh my gosh, can you bring it to us. I apologize,’” said Turner.

Turner says this incident has convinced her to buy only new games from now on.

AE: Don’t get any bright ideas, publishers…

Watch the Channel 2 Action News video report at

-Reporting from San Diego, GamePolitics Contributing Editor Andrew Eisen

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  1. Overcast says:

    Turner says this incident has convinced her to buy only new games from now on.

    Or just check your used ones better…

  2. Andrew Eisen says:

    The drawing, as I understand it, was on the inside of the case, not the instruction manual.


    Andrew Eisen

  3. ecco6t9 says:

    Well if it was used she had a week to return it for a full refund.

    Guy at GameStop takes the return, tears out the offending page and resells the game.

    I fail to see what is so difficult about this.

  4. Grif says:

    Whoever the lady talked to probably thought she was prank calling the store. Gamestops do get their fair share of prank calls.

    "You guys have Battletoads on Super Nintendo?" gets old really fast.

    A Gamestop employee was just telling me earlier today how someone called up the store asking for help because he teabagged the disc slot on his Xbox 360. Must be nice to have that much free time.

  5. Andrew Eisen says:

    You wouldn't unless you enjoyed my work and wanted to keep abreast of all my various writings, videos and random musings.


    Andrew Eisen

  6. Kajex says:

    Alright- mind you, I'm only asking because sometimes (sometimes) it's not nearly as bad as people make it out to be, like when JT called kissing boys gay sex, is all.

    Although the name of the store location's town is unfortunate…

  7. Andrew Eisen says:

    A woman buys a used game from a game store so her boy and his little friends can get their game on.  While playing the game, the kids find a dirty picture on the inside of the game case that the game store missed when it bought the game back from its original owner.  After explaining the incident with the game to all her boy's friends' parents, the mother calls the game store and the game store's corporate office to complain.  Then she calls the local news station about the game who decides to do a whole action report on the incident with the game, including visiting the game store to interview the game store employee and calling the game store's corporate office.  The woman now claims the incident has permanently altered her video game purchasing habits.


    Andrew Eisen

  8. narcogen says:

    This story has nothing to do with gaming. The kind of defacement of a used product described could have (and does) happen to anything: books, movies, furniture, or any other common household object.

    That this is yet another instance when an unfortunate event is tangentially related to gaming. The only thing worse than the original event with regards to the general public's perception of gaming as a hobby and those who participate in it is the gaming press and its insistence at covering these events as if they were gaming-related.

  9. TK n Happy Ness says:

    Why didn't she just wait until next year and get her son a copy of Mario & Sonic at the London Olympic Games?

  10. Andrew Eisen says:

    No idea what that has to do with anything we're talking about but it sure is funny.  It'll be interesting to see if anything happens.  My guess is it'll be taken down before any absurd controversy starts.


    Andrew Eisen

  11. Andrew Eisen says:

    You would think so.  And they may have.  If the images were drawn on the inside of the case and the instruction manual was in the way, that would explain why GameStop didn't see them.


    Andrew Eisen

  12. Andrew Eisen says:

    From the fleeting glimpse of the drawings we get in the video report, it looks like the images were drawn on the inside of the case itself, not the instruction manual.  Can't say for sure though.


    Andrew Eisen

  13. Neo_DrKefka says:

    She bought a used game used by someone else at first I am thinking its a game that was opened and then put back on the shelves as, "New" then I would be pissed because this leads into the major problem Gamestop has.

    But seriously I am suprised someone bothered to read the instructions….who still does that except elitists who want to revamp every single game and remove the Easy, Medium, and Hard modes in and leave in Very Hard.

    Second hand merchandise I doubt anyone would take the time to relook over the Instruction Manuel page by page to see if there was any drawings its more about making sure the disc media works

    Lesson that has been learned here? If your overprotective and look over everything that your child does go to another store and don't be cheap and buy something new

  14. Cattleprod says:

    Uh, shouldn’t they be doing that anyway? You know, to make sure the case actually contains the game?

  15. McDaddy says:

    Sorry, but Mom has to get over herself.  GameStop wasn't responsible for the drawings and had no reason to apologize.  What does she want them to do?  Check the inside of every case they sell?  Sounds more like the buyer's responsibility to do that.  Grow up, Mom.  Caveat emptor.   

  16. SpiralGray says:

    There are so many things wrong with this story I just don't know where to start.

    1. It would be nice if this country were less uptight about sex and more uptight about violence.
    2. The news piece kept making a big deal about "This is rated E for Everyone." The GAME is, it's not the game's fault that the previous owner inserted additional material.
    3. Must have been a seriously slow news day in Cumming in order to garner that much on-air attention. Really? Nothing else was going on that day?
    4. She'll only buy new games from now on. Apparently the finding of dirty drawings inside used games has reached epidemic proportions. Or, she could just open the case before she gives it to her son. I guess it's better to spend more than become a more involved parent.
  17. Redmess says:

    I find it somewhat ironic that she complains about some crude scribbles in a game book when she lives in a place called Cumming.

    That said, I agree that GameStop should have shown more concern over this. Doesn't GS have a policy to check used games for this kind of "damage" to an used game?

  18. MrKlorox says:

    Grade A? More like S-Rank trolling considering the name of the town. This almost sounds like a fake article.

    "Turner called the Cumming, GA GameStop she’d purchased the used title from to let them know what her son had found."

  19. Austin from Oregon says:

    Lol, if that was intentional when someone sold the game to gamestop, that was some grade A trolling.

    It is a bit of a fail of them to not at least act concerned, they just lost a customer who was probably frugal enough to buy only used games.

  20. Andrew Eisen says:

    Check out the video report I linked in the article.  You'll see two partial shots of the drawings.  They look like cartoony stick figures.  The images are described as "sexually suggestive" with "detailed human anatomy."


    Andrew Eisen

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