How to Exploit Mario for Political Purposes

GoNintendo points out a mildly entertaining "fan-made" video (called Super MariObama 2) featuring President Obama and Vice-President Joe Biden taking on the roles of Mario and Luigi as they do all sorts of things with money. The video was actually made by a political group called For America, who are obviously not Democrats. Besides ribbing the president for his spending, the group also wants Teamsters Union leader James Hoffa to resign for comments he recently made about "taking the sons of bitches out," in reference to Tea Party activists.

A political message sugar coated with cute graphics and one of gaming's most visible stars is still a political message. As for spending, most would agree that all sides spend too much money, but what seems to be at play is what it is spent it on..

We'll leave the political battles to our readers. Watch the clip to your left.

Thanks to Andrew Eisen for the tip.

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