PSN Pass Code Required for Uncharted 3 Multiplayer

Sony will be rolling out its PSN Pass for the multiplayer aspects of its upcoming game Uncharted 3. As it did earlier this year with Resistance 3, Sony will implement a "PSN Pass" code on Uncharted 3. This means that when you buy a copy of the game brand new at retail it will come with a special code specifically for multiplayer that you will have to activate the first time you play online. Should you sell the game the next person that buys it will have to turn around and pay $10 to get access to multiplayer.

Online pass schemes are proving to be popular among publishers such as Electronic Arts, THQ and others, as a way to squeeze money from used games sales. Sadly these Online Pass systems only squeeze the money out of consumers- many of whom bought the game used because they either wanted to save some money or couldn't afford a brand new copy of the game…

The confirmation on the Uncharted 3 Online Pass comes from Juan Jimenez, Software Manager of Sony Spain. He confirmed the new in this interview.

Source: Kotaku

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