Sony: All Future Multiplayer-Capable Games Will Use PSN Pass

Yesterday we reported that Sony Computer Entertainment America planned to use its PSN Online Pass scheme for Resistance 3, which would effectively charge used game buyers $10 to play the multiplayer portion of the game. It turns out this is not an isolated incident but Sony's new modus operandi when it comes to used games that contain a multiplayer component.

The news comes from this Destructoid report which confirms that, going forward, all Sony PS3 titles that have a multiplayer component will also contain a PSN Online pass code that you'll have to input in order to play online. Basically if you buy a PS3 title used you'd better factor in an additional $10 if you want to play multiplayer…

"Online Pass will be incorporated into Uncharted 3 and future Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios (SCE WWS) games with online functionality," the company told Destructoid. "We will provide further information in the future."

Source: Destructoid


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    blindkat says:

    Really? This is an issue? This is more to combat the loss in sales due to companies like Game Stop. It is only a matter of time before all companies before all companies do this. EA does it, now Sony is. I still cant figure out why people sell their 60 dollar games for .50cents to 20 bucks anyway, but hey keep making Game Stop rich. Go ahead and boycott but I bet you still buy these games… It didn't stop COD from raising their costs and being top selling game for months.

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    DanHoyt says:

    I hate these passes. They need to go away. Do you know how many game series I've got into because I bought a used game or borrowed one? I've bought 3 COD games, soon to be 4 on launch night because I bought COD4 used. I've bought AC2 and AC:B on launch night because I borrowed the original. I borrowed GTA:VC and since then, have bought every Rockstar game and DLC as soon as I could. If you make me feel like I'm being punished then I'm less likely to get into your series and you're less likely to get my loyalty and money that I bring to the table.

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    SpiralGray says:

    I'd be thrilled by this news if it were accompanied by the news that games would be $10 cheaper and if you wanted on-line everyone would have to pay the $10. That way if you were an on-line player you'd still pay $60 for the game (no difference than what you pay today) and if you only cared about the single-player component you'd save $10.

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    josh111888 says:

    The difference between this and XBL gold is that XBL actually works for playing games online.  PSN is extremely laggy and I doubt that Sony will use any of this money to make their network better. 

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    Skillz817 says:

    I had a feeling a few weeks ago that Sony was going to try and pull this bullshit off for Uncharted 3 and canceled my pre-order, sad to see my fear became a reality.

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