Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Possible Because of Online Pass, Says Developers

Uncharted series developer Naughty Dog says that without the money from Sony's PSN Pass, the company wouldn't be able to afford to include as much online content as it has with Uncharted 3. In fact, they say that if they didn't implement Online Pass, they would have had to split the game into two different games – single and multiplayer. Uncharted 3 director Justin Richmond made the comments in a recent interview with TheSixthAxis.

"We're giving out a huge amount of content," said Uncharted 3 director Justin Richmond, "and part of the reason for the online pass is that when that stuff goes online, it isn't free. We have to pay for servers and all this different stuff to maintain it, and so at some point, you know, games have to make money." Richmond also said that besides bandwidth costs, the actual content – which he said was different from anything else in the industry – had taken a lot of time, and presumably money, to create.

He added that the multiplayer portion of the game was a whole lot more than some lame throw-away DM multiplayer and that cooperative mode was like an entire alternate history. He added that the sheer amount of the content was worth the price of admission.

Uncharted 3 comes out for PS3 on November 3. Obviously if you buy it used you'll have to buy a code to play online. At least Sony isn't locking single-player content away like Warner Bros. did with Catwoman in Arkham City…

Source: The Escapist

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