Battlefield 3 PS3 Owners Don’t Get Promised Freebie

While many customers would have pre-ordered the PlayStation 3 version anyway, back in June of this year EA promised that it would include a full version of Battlefield 1943 on the disc as an added incentive to buy it. Yesterday early adopters of the PS3 version figured out that EA broke its promise because the game was not actually on the disc. To add insult to injury EA made no excuses about the fact, nor did they offer an apology to customers. Here is what the company said on June 7 of this year via the Battlefield Blog:

"Sony’s E3 press conference is currently underway, and we’re present with some great seats in this huge auditorium with thousands of people. Sony just announced that several EA games including Need For Speed The Run, SSX and Battlefield 3 will have exclusive content on the PlayStation 3.

For Battlefield 3, the exclusive content will be a copy of the downloadable Battlefield game, Battlefield 1943. If you’re wondering whether to get Battlefield 3 on PS3 or Xbox 360, the PS3 version just got a lot more interesting."

To make up for it, EA says it will instead offer downloadable content "early" on the PlayStation Network, something it already said it would do anyway:

"In lieu of 1943 being available on disk for PS3 customers, EA has made all BF3 expansions available early to PS3 customers," said the company via Twitter.

I'm sure that fans are delighted to hear that, but you can't advertise something and then not deliver. We hope EA will make this right and give those customers that were promised Battlefield 1943 a code to download it for free.

Source: Destructoid

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