Rumor: Next Xbox Out in Late 2012

According to a Computer and Video Games report, the next Xbox 360 – which some have been calling the Xbox 720 – is codenamed "Project Ten," will be released during the 2012 holiday shopping season, and will be "going the Apple route." All this comes from technology reporter Paul Thurrott, who says he's been told these things, but doesn't specify any particular source. Thurrott made the claims on the Windows Weekly video show.

"What I'm hearing is [the next Xbox is] going to come out for holidays next year, meaning that they would almost have to announce this at CES, wouldn't they? That's my rumour… that we'll expect to hear something about that," says Thurrott. "They're going the Apple route where they want this thing to integrate very tightly with Windows 8 and Windows Phone, which is a problem with the current Xbox."

Thurrott also claim he's been told that the next Xbox will feature "embedded Microsoft Silverlight", which will run the previously announced Xbox Live TV platform.

Source: Windows Weekly by way of C&VG

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    Elle says:

    Rumors or not, I’ve listened to Windows Weekly for a good while, and Thurrot has a good track record of having accurate inside sources.

    Silverlight being canned does throw a wrench in it, but that doesn’t exclude the possibility of forking the code and reusing it in a new name and context. It’s got some decent technology, especially for video, but it was too little, too late, especially in the face of dominance by Flash.

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    Neeneko says:

    Because there already exist plenty of industry sites where rumors like this make sense.

    Gamepolitics is, in theory at least, supposed to be about the intersection of the game industry and politics.  Talking about the next release cycle of a console is significant mission creep since this has zero political dimension to it.

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    Erik says:

    I've found the 360 to be less of a disappointment than the other two major systems.  The PS3 isn't terrible persay.  But it goes with not being turned on for months at a time.  As where my 360 gets near daily playtime.

    The Wii on the other hand, ugh.  I couldn't find enough games to justify keeping the system.

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    hellfire7885 says:

    Being pleasantly surprised isn't a bad thing, and I didn't mean calling up Microsoft for confirmation, I meant waiting for an official announcement.

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