EB Games Australian Web Ad Called Sexist

A web ad for EB Games Australia is being called sexist, with one game developer calling it "massive step backward" because it enforces stereotypes about men, women and games. The online ad, "A Man's Guide to Trading" shows a man being nagged by a woman outside of an EB Games store about spending money. After she leaves he goes in and the clerk suggests that instead of spending cash he should trade in some games. He does just that and then uses the money he saved to buy the woman a fancy dinner. The ad ends with the woman dusting while the man plays Arkham City.

Some are suggesting that the ad comes to the conclusion that "women don't like games."

Game developer Rebecca Fernandez said the ad was a "massive step backward in the stereotypes of both men and women," adding that "the single worst part of the ad was at the end when the guy is playing games and his wife is dusting around him like some sort of terrible advertisement from the fifties."

Fernandez said that an unfortunate perception remained that core gamers were male and women were only interested in casual video games.

Some have taken EB Games to task via their Twitter account, calling the ad sexist and saying that it alienates female customers. EB Games countered by saying that the ad is a "light hearted joke" and promises that a female-oriented companion ad is in the works and on the way. They also pointed out that the ad was written by a woman and was not intended to offend anyone.

You can watch it to your left and judge for yourselves.

Source: Illawarra Mercury

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