‘Saints Row Penetrator’ Altered In Saints Row The Third for Japan

Ding.Dong.Ditch. It looks like Japan is not comfortable with the giant sex-toy weapon in Saint's Row The Third. Even though the game received the highest rating it could for its content in the region (CERO Z – basically adults only), the "Saints Row Penetrator" had to be altered for the game to be released in the region.

A THQ representative told Game Informer that, due to stricter guidelines in Japan, the publisher had to remove the "veins and physics" from the in-game Penetrator weapon for its release in Japan. The Penetrator is a three-foot long purple rubber dildo attached to the handle of a baseball bat. "Depiction of genital parts" is prohibited in Japan.

The game releases here in North America and in Europe November 15. Japan gets it November 17.

Source: Game Informer by way of Joystiq. Original image via Joystiq. Thanks to Cheater87 for the original story.


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    DorthLous says:

    Actually, no, Rapelay not okay. It was hit by the political wave that originated from here. Now a huge amount of similar game, also including it, have stricter regulation, if not directly a ban, can't remember.

  2. 0
    David says:

    I wish Japan would get rid of the "no genitals" thing.  It's led to something that seems truly schizophrenic in my mind.  It's ok to show a graphic depiction of rape, just so long as ding dongs and hoo hahs are censored.  The mind boggles.

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    Kincyr says:

    the censorship forces them to be more "creative", otherwise it'd be close-up penetration shots like in the US. it's also worth noting that sextoys are not censored in porn there; I'm guessing that they can't be shown with great detail in non-pornographic work

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    Zerodash says:

    ""Depiction of genital parts" is prohibited in Japan."

    And yet, paradoxically, Japan manages to have the most depraved and diverse selection of pornography the world has ever seen.

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