Rumor: Nintendo in Talks with EA to use Origin for Wii U

According to a report on UGO's Wii channel, Nintendo may use EA's Origin service with its upcoming Wii U console. According to an anonymous tip from within EA, the company is supposedly working with Nintendo on a deal related to the Origin digital distribution platform. The source claims that EA and Nintendo are in talks to use Origin as Nintendo’s primary hosting platform for game distribution online.

The source also claims that Valve has been talking with Nintendo, but the impression they give is that EA is being extra aggressive in sealing the deal.

Both EA and Nintendo have not publicly commented on this story – and even if they did chances are their response would be "no comment" or "we don't comment on rumors." For now consider it an interesting rumor.

Source: WII UGO by way of IndustryGamers

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    -Jes- says:

    I'd trust Valve more simply due to the fact, that EA has a ten+ years long reputation of HATING and ABUSING their consumers as much as legally possible.


    Premium pricing? Check.

    DLC overpriced/on disc? Check.

    Oppressive EULA's? Check.

    Killing off auth servers for older games at the drop of a hat? Check.

    Patches and minimalist DLC sold as 'sequels'? Check.

    Satans of Crunching and deadline pushing? Check.

    Usurping and killing off less-than-milkable franchises? Check.

    Buying exclusive rights instead of making a product capable of competing with others? Check.

    DRM failures to the max? Check.

    Smearing Valve as a company with baseless accusations, in a vain attempt at PR-boosting their much more consumer-hating digital store? Check.

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    E. Zachary Knight says:

    Based on the reports coming out of E3, Nintendo was going to let game developers and publishers handle their online infrastructure themselves. There wasn't going to be some unifying "Nintendo Live".

    So there is probably some truth to this and the Valve rumor. Both are probably working to get their services running under the Wii U. I doubt Nintendo would be dumb enough to force some 3rd party's online service onto all developers. That would be bad for them.

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