13.2 Million Korean MapleStory Customers Affected by Security Breach

November 28, 2011 -

Account information from more than 13 million MapleStory players was compromised in a recent hacking incident, according to a report in the Korean Herald. According to that report, the attack took place last Thursday on Thanksgiving, and affected three-quarters of the game's player-base - right around 13.2 million people. The data that may have been stolen included player names, user IDs, passwords, and registration numbers (Korea's version of the US's social security number).

A spokesman for Nexon confirmed the security breach, but claimed that overseas players were not affected.

"We operate separate servers in each country. Only Korean users' information was affected," he said.

The attack is the second largest in the country's history and is currently under investigation by the Korea Communications Commission. No doubt this security breach won't help its plans to have an IPO valued at $1.3 billion in the next few weeks.

Source: GI.biz

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