Report: CD Projekt Uses Law Firm to Threaten File-Sharers, Collect Settlements for The Witcher 2

A TorrentFreak report asserts that CD Projekt has hired a law firm in Germany to go after those who downloaded DRM-free copies of The Witcher 2 – even as it extolled the virtues of its games being DRM-free. CD Projekt was not available for comment at the time of this writing due to the late hour in its home country of Poland – but we hope to bring you an official response to this story as soon as it becomes available.

The report alleges that the company hired a law firm to go after those who they claim had downloaded the game illegally. As is usually the case with law firms that do this kind of work, they went the “pay-up-or-else” route based on lists of IP addresses they had collected. The problem with this kind of scheme is that IP’s don’t equal names and just because an IP has been recorded doesn’t mean that the legitimate IP owner has actually infringed; for example, someone else could have used their open Wi-Fi connection to download files.

The report goes on to say that letters sent by lawyers representing CD Projekt are demanding those accused of infringement to pay up or face legal action. Over the past several months thousands of alleged BitTorrent users in Germany were asked to pay upwards of $1230 to make amends for their crimes, according to the report.

We’ll continue to follow this story as it develops.

Source: TorrentFreak

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