CD Projekt Confirms its use of Law Firm to Sue File-Sharers in Germany

CD Projekt, makers of The Witcher 2 and owners of Good Old Games, has not denied that it has hired a law firm to demand payments from individuals who it believes downloaded The Witcher 2 illegally. We reported on this story earlier this week. Speaking to Eurogamer, the company said that, while it supports DRM-free products for its customers who pay for them, it does not support piracy. The response comes after it was revealed that the company had hired a questionable law firm to send demand letters to file-sharerers asking for $1230.

The company told Eurogamer: "As you know, we aren't huge fans of any sort of DRM here at CD Projekt RED. DRM itself is a pain for legal gamers – the same group of honest people who decided that our game was worth its price, and went and bought it. We don't want to make their lives more difficult by introducing annoying copy protection systems."

"Moreover, we always try to offer high value with our product – for example, enhancing the game with additional collectors' items such as soundtracks, making-of DVDs, books, walkthroughs, etc. We could introduce advanced copy protection systems which, unfortunately, punish legal customers as well. Instead, we decided to give gamers some additional content with each game release, to make their experience complete."

"However," CD Projekt added, "that shouldn't be confused with us giving a green light to piracy. We will never approve of it, since it doesn't only affect us but has a negative impact on the whole game industry.

"We've seen some of the concern online about our efforts to thwart piracy, and we can assure you that we only take legal actions against users who we are 100 percent sure have downloaded our game illegally."

Source: Eurogamer

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