Community Takes Apart SWTOR Ban Story

Is BioWare banning Star Wars The Old Republic players for accessing areas and loot meant for higher level characters or is someone pulling everyone's leg in this Reddit thread? Rock, Paper, Shotgun examines the story and the alleged email from BioWare. 

We have to file this under "suspicious" for the time being, because, as RPS points out, there are a number of odd discrepancies in the email. Some users have pointed out that the poster of the original email may have omitted the fact that he or she was banned for using a totally different exploit. Finally, some insight from some forum posters on the official SWTOR boards lends some credence to RPS's theory.

But all the hubbub ignores a ban involving using the "F word," which one user complains about being banned for. While the game is rated "T" by the ESRB there has always been some wiggle room when it comes to any game that allows you to interact with other players online… You can read complaints about this in this screen cap.

Source: Blue's News

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