Report Analyzes GoDaddy’s Initial SOPA Support

A TechieBuzz report points out an interesting fact about GoDaddy's initial support of SOPA; that it may have been done as a way to deal with some problems related to some pending legal action against the company by some major Hollywood trade organizations. The report suggests that GoDaddy might have supported the bill to gain immunity from a court-case against the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS). GoDaddy was sued for registering domains that were used to promote the Oscar event including,,,,,,, … etc. A verdict against them could cost the company upwards of $10 million.

Knowing that SOPA would not help this particular case at all, why would GoDaddy support it? Perhaps the company hoped that trade groups like the AMPAS would cut them a break or gain some kind of immunity.

An older post from TechDirt digs a little deeper into the issue. Obviously we don't know what the company's motivation was for signing on to SOPA, but this particular angle makes for an interesting discussion. At this point the company has publicly backed off supporting SOPA, so whatever their motivations, they are trying to distance themselves from what is turning out to be a poisonous pill for anyone that does business on the Internet.

Source: TechieBuzz

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