Brian Crecente Leaves Kotaku, Stephen Totilo Takes Over

Kotaku's long-time editor-in-chief, Brian Crecente announced today that he is leaving the website for greener — and at this point unknown — pastures. In a lengthy missive detailing his accomplishments and personal triumphs and tragedies, Crecente announced that Stephen Totilo would take the reins of the site as its new editor-in-chief effective immediately. Before coming to Kotaku in 2009, Totilo worked for MTV's game site MTV Multiplayer.

"I'm exceedingly proud of what Kotaku, its readers and its writers, have come together to create," said Crecente in his lengthy goodbye post. "That I was witness to it and managed to not mess it up too much, will always be something I cherish."

"Take care of each other, never forget the talent of these writers and editors, nor your responsibility as readers and community commenters," he continued. "Be kind, be fair, be here."

You can read his final post on Kotaku here. Totilo also posted an introduction as the new EIC of Kotaku. In that post he promised more of the same content Kotaku readers love, along with some new content that – he hopes – will bring them coming back for more. Crecente served as Kotaku's EIC for seven years and is rightly credited with making the site a household name among gamers all around the world.

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    MechaTama31 says:

    I tried that, but the site still loaded incredibly slowly, comments often didn't show up properly/at all, making a comment was a crapshoot, etc.  Maybe they ironed out those bugs, but it's too late.  I've already weaned myself off of them.  I used to spend about an hour a day going through Kotaku, and now that I have had that hour free to devote to other things for a while, I've got no particular urge to give it back to them.

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    MechaTama31 says:

    I would care about this a lot more if Gawker's truly atrocious website redesign hadn't driven me away from reading any of their blogs for the past year or so.  Whoever came up with that slow, clunky, unnavigable mess should be strung up by their toes.

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