As Canadian Politicians Push Anti-Piracy Legislation, Staffers Enjoy Stealing Software

Another day, another group of government officials pushing anti-piracy laws while they are blissfully unaware that their staffers are downloading stolen games, movies and other forms of entertainment. This time out it's the Canadian Conservative majority government. Recently the ruling party in Canada introduced the Canadian Copyright Modernization Act Bill C-11, which would criminalize the act of software circumventing – including the making available to the public software or techniques used to circumvent digital rights management software locks. Michael Geist, a prominent Canadian internet expert, says that the law would have dire consequences if enacted. You can read his thoughts on the bill here….

But even as politicians wage a war of words against piracy, their staffers are being very naughty, according to TorrentFreak. Using YouHaveDownloaded, TorrentFreak found a number of IP ranges assigned to Canadian House of Commons downloading various ill-gotten software and media. Among the list of downloaded goods is the game Need for Speed, the film Loosies, software from Adobe and a leaked version of Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds.

But politicians in Canada should not feel singled out; several anti-piracy trade groups and governments have been caught at the BitTorrent trough including the palace of the French President, the Church of God, the RIAA and the US House of Representatives.

Source: TorrentFreak

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