Serious Sam: Double D Developer Asks ESA Members to Fight SOPA

Nathan Fouts of Mommy's Best Games – the company behind Serious Sam: Double D – has written an open letter to members of the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) asking them to urge the trade group to drop its support of SOPA. He also urged gamers, supposedly represented by the ESA and its Video Game Voters Network, to urge the group to drop its support of the bill as well.

"If you work at one of these companies," Fouts said to ESA members, "talk to your boss and get them talking to the ESA! Ask what your company's stance is!"

Fouts seems to be adamant in his opposition to the bill, tweeting to members of the ESA asking them to do their part as well:

"Hi, checking in with all on the ESA list. Does your company support SOPA? If not, could you ask the ESA to drop support? Thx!"

We wish him all the luck in the world in convincing the ESA to drop its support. Given that three of its biggest members – Nintendo, Sony and EA – have all dropped their support for the bill, it seems only right that the ESA follows suit.


UPDATE: In an effort to stop propagating the story that Nintendo, EA, and Sony have dropped support of SOPA, we want to issue a correction for the record. As TechDirt points out, those three companies were never on the House Judiciary Committees' list of supporters. Instead they were signatories on a letter sent to lawmakers urging them to pass SOPA or Protect IP-like legislation. With that in mind, it is clear that, while these companies support anti-piracy legislation, they have not publicly supported any of the bills before lawmakers. We apologize for the confusion and for reporting last week that these companies no longer support SOPA. Thanks for your understanding!

Source: Joystiq

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