Apple Targets Apptrackr with DMCA Take-Downs

Those who use jailbroken iPhones and enjoy pirating software are in for a rude awakening as Apple uses the DMCA to take out a frequently used service – Apptrackr. According to Apptrackr developer "Dissident," Apple has sent what he calls "huge takedown notices" to cut off access to pirated apps found through the software. Apptrackr has decided to move the physical location of its servers outside the United States to get around Apple's legal maneuvers and is also employing a form of redirection to avoid "direct" links to infringing content.

While Apple and iOS software developers say that Apptrackr enables piracy, "Dissident" claims that the service is meant to allow users to test apps before buying them, adding that Apple offers no mechanism to do that within the App Store. He also acknowledges that some users take advantage of his service as a way to avoid paying for apps.

"It's undeniable that a portion of our community pirates rather than tests the applications that they install," Dissident wrote on the site's "about us" section. "They were very, very likely never potential customers in the first place. Piracy's conversion rate is absurdly low, and developers know that."

Source: Ars Technica

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