RIAA Rejects Calls to Support OPEN Act

The RIAA earlier this week strongly and quite publicly rejected calls to support the OPEN Act, the SOPA alternate online piracy bill from Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) and Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.). The group which represents the music industry said that the OPEN Act was not a "meaningful solution" to the problem of online piracy.

RIAA senior executive vice president Mitch Glazier argued that the ITC doesn't move fast enough for their tastes.

"Every day that these sites operate without recourse can mean millions of dollars lost to American companies, employees, and economy, and an ongoing threat to the security and safety of our citizens," Glazier said. "Why in the world would we shift enforcement against these sites from the Department of Justice and others who are well-versed in these issues to the ITC, which focuses on patents and clearly does not operate on the short time frame necessary to be effective?"

Glazier pointed to a patent infringement claim from Kodak against Apple and Research In Motion as evidence. A ruling for that is expected in September. The case was originally filed in January 2010.

"SOPA was introduced to address the devastating and immediate impact of foreign rogue sites dealing in infringing and counterfeiting works and products," Glazier added. "More proof why the OPEN Act is not a meaningful solution to a serious problem."

Source: The Hill

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