Petition to Restore Five PS3 Activations on PSN

A petition on asks Sony’s Chairman to change the number of devices that can be activated from the current two to the original five on PlayStation Network. According to the creator of the petition, the November 2011 update to the PS3 stopped any activated PS3’s beyond the first two from being able to download content from the PlayStation Network.

“This has effectively turned many PS3 consoles into very expensive paper weights!,” says the main message on the petition page.

According to the petition page, this particular appeal is being directed at Sony Computer Entertainment of America Chairman Kazuo Hirai, Sony Computer Entertainment of America CEO Jack Tretton, and Sony Computer Entertainment of America Sr. Director, Corporate Communications & Social Media Patrick Seybold.

It only has 21 signatures so far, so if this is an issue you feel strongly about, you should visit and put your John Hancock on it.

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