Center for Democracy & Technology’s Big List: Who is Against SOPA

Nine-hundred and twenty-eight. That is the magic number of the day because it is the number of experts, trade groups, advocacy groups and technology companies that have officially come out against the Stop Online Piracy and Protect IP Acts. The list, which was compiled by The Center for Democracy & Technology features a who's who of technology experts, CEO's and top shelf advocacy groups that thinks these two anti-piracy and counterfeiting laws do more harm than good.

CDT's list is broken down into several categories including Companies, Online Services, and Websites; Founders, CEOs, Executives, Entrepreneurs, Independent Businesspeople, and Venture Capitalists; Student Newspaper Editorials and Op-Eds; Editorial Boards, Op-Eds, and Bloggers; Public Interest, Nonprofits, Advocacy, and Think Tanks; Industry Groups and Unions; Cybersecurity, Internet Inventors, and Engineers; International Human Rights Advocates; Academics and Experts; Educators; and Other Professionals.

At a glance, the names on this list include AOL, Google, Facebook, PayPal, Pete Sheinbaum of LinkSmart and DailyCandy, Daniel James of Three Rings Design, Jerry Britto of TIME, Jennifer Rubin of The Washington Post, former Wall Street Journal Publisher Gordon Crovitz, the ACLU, The Heritage Foundation, Tea Party Patriots, Public Knowledge, Future of Music Coalition, EFF, ECA, Free Press, MoveOn, Brookings Institute, Business Software Alliance, European Digital Media Association, Writers Guild of America West, Sandia National Laboratories, Human Rights First, Human Rights Foundation (U.S.), Human Rights Watch and many more.

It would be hard to call this group anything but diverse. I mean, when is the last time you saw the Tea Party Patriots and MoveOn on the same page on an issue?

You can check out the rather extensive list here.

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