Foxconn Workers at Wuhan Plant Threaten Mass Suicide

Foxconn, the Taiwanese manufacturing company that made international news for the poor working conditions in its various China-based manufacturing plants, continues to have serious problems in China with its workers. According to a report, 300 workers at a Foxconn manufacturing plant in China have threatened mass suicides after a request for a pay increase was denied by the company. Foxconn manufactures products for many electronics giants including Nintendo, Apple, Sony and Microsoft. The workers at Wuhan plant had been working on assembly lines constructing Xbox 360s.

The company had offered workers a choice between continued employment or a layoff with compensation. Many of the plant's workers decided to leave and take the compensation, but those promised payments were then rescinded, leading the group to take to the plant's roofs and threaten to jump last week.

Various anti-government websites in China reported the case and further claimed that the Mayor of Wuhan was called in to intervene in the stand-off, ending the confrontation peacefully at 9 pm on January 3.

Foxconn has had an ongoing problem with the way it treats workers. This came to light in 2010 when 12 employees committed suicide. The company ended up having to install nets of the roofs of their factories to stop it from happening again. In 2010 the company assured its partners and the world that it was doing everything it could to reform the way it treated its workers.

Source:, Image credit: Foxconn.

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    Neeneko says:

    Not surprising. Unions are a common scapegoat in the US, with many people saying they should be abolished… reminders of the types of problems that unions and labor laws were created to deal with makes it a more difficult argment that things would be 'fine' without them.

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    SeanB says:

    Your employees are so miserable they start jumping from your buildings. Your options are

    1) Pay them better

    2) Let them quit (many are in indentured servitude) 

    3) Dont force them to work 70 hour weeks


    4) Put up nets to prevent that form of suicide!


    This story should have gotten a lot more coverage, but somehow it once again slipped through the cracks. Can't imagine why.

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