Moto GP Developer Goes into Administration, Lays Off Staff

According to a Computer & Video Games report, Nottingham, England-based studio Monumental Games went into administration (bankruptcy) last week and has eliminated all 25 of its full-time employees. 

The developer is best known for developing Moto GP 10/11 for Capcom, a 3D browser game called Little Horrors, and MMO Football Superstars. In 2010 it closed its Manchester studio and let staff go after losing a development deal, which was rumored to be for a Transformers MMO that is now being created by RuneScape maker Jagex.

Administrators handling Monumental have confirmed with that all 25 employees at the studio have been laid off:

"The Company has some valuable intellectual property which we are marketing at present and several parties have already expressed interest in purchasing these assets, we are hopeful a deal can be concluded quickly," said Patrick Ellward of RSM Tenon.

Source: C&VG, Image Credit: Capcom

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