Video Game Voters Network SOPA Backlash on Facebook

Maybe the comments on the Video Game Voters Network (the Entertainment Software Association's advocacy group for gamers) Facebook page are purely anecdotal, or represent what Lamar Smith (the Texas Republican Congressman who is to lead sponsor on the Stop  Online Piracy Act) calls a very "vocal minority," but the entire page seems to be inundated with negative comments.

The entire comment section, save a few stories (including one about the story posted by the page about the history of Atari and its founding) is jammed with negative comments. Here are just a few samples:

Luke Dobbin: "How can the ESA have a division promoting the protection of free speech & the defence of video games from 'intrusive legislation & regulation', and still support SOPA, a bill that will have catastrophic effects on both? Please, PULL YOUR SUPPORT!"

Patrick McKenna: "It is extremely hypocritical of ESA (and the VGVN, by proxy) to support SOPA, after previously calling on the unity and passion of internet-savvy gamers defend the medium in Brown vs. EMA/ESA, it would now turn its back on those same people, and the very idea of free speech which allowed for such a surge of support. By supporting SOPA, the ESA is supporting the censure of speech worldwide, under the guise of fighting piracy. I cannot in good conscience associate myself with an organization that would sacrifice the rights of billions for the sake of profits. As such, unless the ESA and its member organizations publicly denounce SOPA, I won't be spending another dollar on any product that comes from this house. To any member companies, standing silent to the ESA's stance is no different than agreeing with it. Speak out against SOPA before it is too late."

Jeremy Barnes: "I won't be supporting this any further. I'll also be taking a hard look at my dollars going to companies who belong to the ESA."

Michael Carusi: "I've made the choice to not support you due to your support of SOPA and PIPA. It's sad to see the ESA, which has been at the forefront of defending video game free speech on the political stage for years, now advocating for a pair of laws where the First Amendment fallout has been made abundantly clear."

You can read the rest of the comments here.

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    Awol says:

    This is the main reason I removed myself of the VGVN its purpose was only to support the ESA and not video gamers. I suggest everyone remove themselves from VGVN, frankly I would say support ECA but they been very quiet about anything in the last year and not really sure they are doing anything.

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    CK20XX says:

    Actually, I'm not sure it has finished serving its purpose after all.  Court rulings can be overruled and decisions can be reversed, including those made by the Supreme Court.

    Sure, the Supreme Court's decision was pretty bulletproof, but the climate surrounding it makes it different.  Things are so bad in the USA that moral guardians and companies are showing the kind of desperation people show in a crisis when there's little food or water.  Survival is so important that they'll stomp on one another to get what they need, so it's not exactly wise to assume that we'll never have to band together again to fight them off.

    EDIT: WOAH, Patrick McKenna posted there?!  As in, the guy who played Harold Green on The Red Green Show and starred in Traders?

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    Papa Midnight says:

    The VGVN served it's purpose. At this point, it is a meaningless organization but it does indeed stand as a huge point of hypocrisy for the ESA. It seems the left hand did not quite coordinate with the right.

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    PHX Corp says:

    Just To let you guys know I added my say to the Chorus of gamers at the videogame voters network

    here's what I said

    "Most Illegal Move ever(in constitution terms) ESA. the 1st Amendment applies to consumers(who oppose SOPA/PIPA) in addition to artistic speech"

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