World of Goo Hits 1 Million Downloads on iOS

2D Boy's iOS version of World of Goo has hit a major milestone – more than 1 million downloads in just over 13 months. Developer 2D Boy says that sales have been steady on both iOS and Android devices, with numbers being pushed even higher thanks to the HD Universal edition available for the iPad.

Released in November, the Android version of the game has already been downloaded 520,000 times, according to 2D Boy. The iOS versions of the game has enjoyed 1 million downloads. 2D Boy says that only about 29 percent of all downloads were on the iPhone/iPod Touch, while the remaining 79 percent were made up of the HD iPad edition of the game.

World of Goo has two versions of the game available: a lite version and paid version. On Android, the full version of the game has sold over 70,000 copies, with over 450,000 copies of the free version installed. By comparison, the App Store version sold just over 180,000 at this time last year.

Source: IndustryGamers, Image Credit: 2D Boy

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