Riot Games Comes Out Against SOPA and PIPA

League of Legends developer Riot Games let us know that they, have officially announced their opposition to controversial legislation under consideration in Congress: the U.S. House of Representatives’ Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Senate’s PROTECT IP Act (PIPA). The company's CEO, Brandon Beck, took to the official forums for the game (which has 11-million-players, for the record) to say that these two bills in their present form are unacceptable:

"We’re not usually inclined to comment on politics. We’re a game company, and making games is just a whole lot more fun," said Brandon Beck, co-founder and CEO of Riot Games in an official statement. “But there is legislation under consideration today by the United States congress that gives us serious concern."

"Riot Games is opposed to SOPA/PIPA in their present form. While we do support efforts to prevent online piracy, the current form of this legislation comes at far too high a cost for us, our players, and online communities across the internet," added Beck.

Congressmen Jared Polis of Colorado, one of SOPA’s strongest congressional opponents (you may have seen his testimony during last month’s markup session in the House Judiciary Committee), who also happens to be an avid League of Legends player (he likes champions Maokai and Anivia, according to Riot Games) – made an appearance in Riot’s official forum thread on the subject too:

"I’m particularly concerned that SOPA might stifle the kind of innovation that brings us games we love, such as LoL," said Rep. Polis. "The bill makes it far too easy for angry competitors to sue good law abiding companies out of existence."

You can read the entire post from Riot's CEO here. Riot legal counsel Logan Margulies is also taking questions in a Reddit AMA here.

It's good to see a game developer standing up for free speech a second time (the first time being Brown v. EMA).

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