Notch Tells Follower: Pirate My Game

As we mentioned in an earlier story, Marcus Persson has a pretty pragmatic view of piracy, and a recent tweet confirms that attitude. When a Twitter follower asked the developer of Minecraft if he could get a free account to the game instead of resorting to piracy, Notch told him to simply pirate it. From Twitter

@AndresLeay: @notch Hi notch, look, I really like the game but lack the money to buy it. I thought I might at least ask for a free account before piracy

@notch Markus Persson: @AndresLeay Just pirate it. If you still like it when you can afford it in the future, buy it then. Also don't forget to feel bad. 😉

It is moments like this that explain why Notch is so well respected and loved by the gaming community. It inspires us to go buy his games and to be loyal to his future endeavors. It also doesn't hurt that his first game offering is undeniably awesome.

One thing that should be noted: it’s not really piracy if the guy that owns the game gives you permission, but I hope whoever does pirate it pays Mojang at some point for their great work.

Source: IGN. Image credit: Twitter


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    CK20XX says:

    You mean you don't understand Minecraft?

    It's a creativity toy more than anything else, but I guess it could also be considered a social game due to its phenomenal user support.  It doesn't hold your hand or give you any goals, so you have to make your own entertainment, whether that means uncovering ruins in the wilderness or building an entire lighthouse out of cake.  Having an idea for a construction project helps, natch.

    I'd say start by playing around in Creative Mode to get ideas for what you can do with the various blocks, then go to Survival Mode after you've wet your feet.  Use the Acheivement list as a psuedo tutorial or look up guides on the Minecraft wiki, and if you survive your first few nights and still like it, get involved with the community.  Learn how to install mods and texture packs, download maps and RPG scenarios from other players, and eventually share your creations with everyone else, or see how long you can stay alive with your best friends.

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    ZippyDSMlee says:

    I tried too fid it but could not decided to wait to buy it..still waiting….have played it for a few hours on  a friends PC but still do not get it 0_o

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