Good Old Games Comes Out Against SOPA, PIPA

Good Old Games has officially joined in the growing opposition to SOPA and PIPA. The DRM-free, classic gaming digital distribution site issued a rather lengthy statement today explaining why they think the anti-piracy bills before lawmakers are bad news for everyone except the entertainment industry.

" is opposed to piracy and copyright infringement, but we know that there are good way to try and reduce piracy and bad ones," read the statement posted on " will always oppose anti-piracy methods that threaten user privacy and freedom. We will always stay DRM-free and apply ‘same game-same price’ policy. We will always put trust in our users as the best method of fighting piracy."

The statement goes on to say that those interested in joining them in opposing these bills should contact their representatives and strongly voice their opinions. Those who are in Lamar Smith's (R-Texas – the lead sponsor of SOPA) district really should contact him and let him know that his bill is bad and that pushing it through to a floor vote without any real expert testimony is wrong-headed.

You can read GOG's full statement here. Thanks to Andrew Eisen for sending this in.

Image Credit: GOG

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