Mario Kart Clone Makes it Through Apple’s Approval Process

Apple continues to prove that whoever runs its approval department for iOS apps may not be paying attention. As this C&VG story points out the latest offenders is a Mario Kart rip-off called 'Mole Kart.' Available for right around $2, Mole Kart looks suspiciously like Mario Kart.

The comments on the game's iTunes product page indicate that users aren't fooled. One reviewer says that the game is identical to Mario Kart in a number of ways including similar items, music, and tracks that the person describes as "exact copies." From the game's description on iTunes:

You can judge for yourselves by visiting the game's product page. The developer of the game might try to argue that Mole Kart pays homage rather than being a blatant rip-off, but the game copies way too many things to be considered anything more than a clone cash-in.. Maybe it's time for Apple to hire more people for its quality control department at the App Store.

Source: C&VG. Image Credit: iTunes

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    jedidethfreak says:

    However Zippy wants to frame it so it's not a copy – he doesn't think anyone should own an IP to enforce in the first place, so this is no problem to him.

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    Monte says:

    I wouldn't really be quick to blame Apple's approval department. More than likely they probably only take down games when they are offensive or when they are clear copy right infringements. Its easy to believe that this game made enough changes to everything it ripped off to stay under the infringement radar. Obvious lazy, ripoff, cash in? yes. Close enough that it would violate Apple's terms? maybe not.

    Not to mention that, in order to determine this kind of stuff for sure, they would need to be to play through the games… and that's something we have actually been challenging every time someone wants to apply it to game ratings due to the fact that playing every single game to ensure everything is on the level would take too much time.

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