Rockstar Veteran Joins RuneScape Maker

RuneScape maker Jagex has hired former Rockstar veteran Alex Horton to the new post of chief creative officer, according to a report.

When he was at Rockstar, Horton served as art and animation director, and oversaw the launches of Manhunt, Red Dead Revolver, and the Grand Theft Auto series. Later he left to focus on being a consultant to the industry. Horton will help with the continued development of the MMO RuneScape, as well as the Transformers Universe and Stellar Dawn MMO's.

"Jagex has been around ever since I've been in the industry and it's been amazing to witness their development and creativity in the online gaming space over the last decade," said Horton. "Multiplayer browser-based online gaming is the future and I am hugely excited and honoured to be a part of the UK's largest independent development space in this environment. Jagex is certainly the place to be."

"Alex will be working across the studios with our game design, development and creative teams to ensure all of our games achieve their true mass market potential," added Jagex CEO Mark Gerhard. "I know him to be hard working, passionate, driven and straight talking – a perfect match for Jagex DNA."

Source: Image Credit: Jagex.

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