VentureBeat Acquires Bitmob, Names Dan Hsu Editor-in-Chief of GamesBeat

VentureBeat has acquired Bitmob and hired its founder, former Ziff Davis Media editorial director Dan "Shoe" Hsu, as the new Editor-in-Chief of the GamesBeat section. Ben Popper, a founding editor of Betabeat (the Silicon Alley blog from The New York Observer) also joins the company as VentureBeat's East Coast Editor. Speaking exclusively to IndustryGamers, VentureBeat says that this new deal is meant to significantly expand GamesBeat, the company's games channel, and will bring Bitmob's special brand of citizen games journalism into the mix.

The plan is to significantly expand the games channel and Shoe will lead that charge. GamesBeat will also benefit by integrating Bitmob's content and passionate community. Dean Takahashi, Lead Writer for GamesBeat, and Sebastian Haley, Review Editor and Executive Video Producer for GamesBeat, will report to Shoe," said VentureBeat CEO Matt Marshall.

"I am thrilled to have Shoe on board, not only because he enjoys the finer points of handling payroll, but also because he is an excellent editor with a great track record for communicating well and managing big teams," said Takahashi. "Everyone in gaming knows and respects Shoe."

"To be honest, I am a little freaked out about being Dean Takahashi's boss," Shoe admitted to IndustryGamers. "He's a well-respected industry veteran, and I've been following his work for almost a decade. Who am I to scold him if he doesn't fill out his TPS reports? But everything worked out nicely. Dean loves writing, reporting, and covering the news beat and doesn't necessarily have the bandwidth to manage and edit a team of writers. I've been an editor for 16 years now and have managed teams at EGM, 1UP,, and, so that's a perfect fit. I'm very much looking forward to bringing the Bitmob crowd over and working with Dean and everyone else at VentureBeat!"

You can read a more personal message on the changes from Hsu over at Bitmob.

Source: IndustryGamers. Image Credit: Bitmob, VentureBeat

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