Major League Gaming Goes Dark Jan. 18 to Protest SOPA

January 13, 2012 -

Earlier this month Major League Gaming announced that it opposed SOPA and moved its one-hundred domains off of GoDaddy for its initial support of the anti-piracy bill currently before the House of Representatives. Today the professional gaming league announced that it will join other companies by going dark on January 18 in protest of the bill.

From the official MLG site:

"MLG recently announced that we had moved all of our domains (over 100 in total) off of in protest of their support of SOPA. To further our anti-SOPA stance, MLG will be participating in the blackout on January 18th from 8:00AM to 8:00PM ET. All the sites in our network will be down during that time, and in their place will be a short message with additional information about SOPA to help educate our community members about the bill and what it could mean for them."

The MLG joins a growing chorus of voices in the game industry railing against SOPA and PIPA including Bungie, Runic Games, Red 5 Studios, Epic Games, Riot Games, and many others.

Image Credit: MLG.

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