MSNBC Features SOPA Debate Segment

January 16, 2012 -

MSNBC's Chris Hayes is the first major cable network to actually stop pretending SOPA / PIPA don't exist and have an actual discussion about it on television. (for those having trouble with the video, you can find it here). Gasp. The debate on the bills before lawmakers are between guests NBCUniversal lawyer Rick Cotton, and Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian. We'll let the video speak for itself, but if you'd like some analysis of the segment, you can check out TechDirt's take on it.

Thanks to Andrew Eisen for the tip.

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Re: MSNBC Features SOPA Debate Segment

Most telling sentence for me was at 16:42, where the lawyer states:

"This is a first step."

Suggests to me that they know full well what is going on and are looking forward to sliding down that slippery slope.

Re: MSNBC Features SOPA Debate Segment

So Hayes lets his bosses' lawyer speak about 5x as long as Ohanian.  Lovely.  Of course, if you removed "wholesale" from his vocabulary, the time might have been equal.  ;)

Re: MSNBC Features SOPA Debate Segment

4 minutes, 30 seconds in... and it's actually fair and balanced so far? Color me impressed...

6 minutes, 20 seconds in... here comes the straw man...

7 minutes, 40 seconds in... we're all making it up.

9 minutes in... even the MSNBC employee says the guy pushing the bill is wrong o_0

12 minutes, 5 seconds in. He makes a fair point... Someone looks angry.

Note: Holy smokes, Bullwinkle! A mention of OPEN.

17 minutes, 14 seconds -- He forgot to mention that the traffic exploded once The Pirate Bay circumvented that block in less than 24 hours.

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