Wikipedia Goes Dark Jan. 18 to Protest SOPA, PIPA

Wikipedia joins Reddit in a protest on January 18 to show that it is strongly against the Stop Online Piracy Act and Protect IP Act. Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales announced that the site will go dark for 24 hours on Wednesday. Only the U.S. version of the site will go down during the protest, Wales said.

"Student warning! Do your homework early. Wikipedia protesting bad law on Wednesday! #sopa," Jimmy Wales wrote on his twitter feed.

"comScore estimates the English Wikipedia receives 25 million average daily visitors globally," he later told his followers.

Followed by, "This is going to be wow. I hope Wikipedia will melt phone systems in Washington on Wednesday. Tell everyone you know!"

Wikipedia joins Reddit, WordPress, Mozilla, all of the Cheezburger sites, and many others in protesting against the anti-piracy bills on Wednesday.

Source: TheNextWeb by way of Andrew Eisen. Image Credit: Wikipedia

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    Wraith108 says:

    What I read on Facebook, I follow Brandon Harris a.k.a Jorm, suggested that the service will go down for those users in America but the rest of us will get either a banner or splash page, maybe a reskin.

  2. 0
    Prof_Sarcastic says:

    "go down"?  All the prospective front-pages I've seen have a link that says "or Continue to Wikipedia".  It sounds like they're just putting a splash page in.  Or are those screenshots wrong?

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    ddrfr33k says:

    I was surprised by how much traffic on SOPA was on twitter over the past few weeks, yet it was never trending.  You'd think that 2000+ tweets an hour would warrant a big trend…

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    GoodRobotUs says:

    SOPA was delayed, but possibly at least partially in the hope that it would prevent, confuse or delay these demonstrations. Which is all the more reason to go ahead with them.

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